We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Coins Now!

After seeing so many people taken advantage of when selling their jewelry when they need a little extra income and getting much less than they should be getting, we took the time to obtain our license as a precious metals dealer here in Gloucester County, Virginia.

Now, if you need some extra income, or just want to get rid of some of those broken gold, silver, or platinum chains that you no longer wear or need, we can offer you the best market price for your items. Simply stop in to see us. We will let you sit with us while we show you how we test your items for purity, weigh it for accuracy, and show you how we calculate the value of your items based on the current day’s spot price of precious metals.

No longer do you have to be at the mercy of some unscrupulous dealers. Now you can get what you deserve for your items and walk away with confidence that you got the best price possible.

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Coins

Get the Right Price For Your Items!