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2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Price US Market

2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Price US Market

Shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show roadster Ferrari 488 Spider was a consistent step in the evolution of Ferrari cars. The car, built on the same platform with the “closed” 488 GTB, impresses not only with external data and characteristics, but also with advanced engineering solutions.

So, for example, due to careful modeling of the body, the roadster is able to boast of excellent aerodynamic achievements with a low coefficient of resistance. At the heart of the body and chassis of the Ferrari 488 Spider are aluminum, titanium and carbon-fiber alloys, which allowed to seriously reduce the weight and correctly distribute it along the axes. The  same technology was used in the development of the exclusive supercar LaFerrari.

The powertrain of the new model, in comparison with the previous roadster of the 458th model, received a small extra charge in volume and 2 ball-bearing turbochargers made of heavy-duty titanium alloy. The 3.9-liter engine is assisted by a 7-speed auto transmission that provides a lightning-fast gear change.

Like the 458 Ferrari, the 488 is equipped with a foldable hard top with very fast transforming abilities – folding / covering takes no more than 14 seconds. Engineers had to try to improve the rigidity of the body – this figure in models with a removable top usually inferior to “closed” cars but not here. The use of light alloys in combination with magnesium made it possible to achieve optimum structural strength.

With a mass of 1370 kilograms, the car is capable of accelerating to a control hundred in just 3 seconds. While other average civilian models will accelerate to this speed (on average 9-10 seconds), “488 Spider” will exceed the speed mark of 200 km / h! The maximum speed is 330 km/h – the level for the vast majority of vehicles is unattainable.

By diverse sources, the updated model will include a sticker label price starting with $242,737 at least for the U. S. market. The release date should be anticipated middle of the next year.

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