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2019 LaFerrari SuperCar Electric Motor

2019 LaFerrari SuperCar Electric Motor

The LaFerrari is based on the chassis of the Ferrari LaFerrari benzo electric coupe and uses an innovative monocoque body. To create a monocoque, several different types of carbon fiber are used, the hinged panels are also made of composite materials, but … the absence of a rigid roof at the roadster required a number of additional solutions to ensure high rigidity of the body for torsion and bending. Representatives of Ferrari do not disclose what exactly new details have allowed to provide high indicators rigidity of a body of a new roadster. But the figures of the stiffness coefficient for open and closed versions are very close.

Italian specialists brought some magic to the car in the wind tunnel and slightly corrected the body parts responsible for aerodynamic characteristics in order to provide the drag coefficient of the bodywork of the car with the retracted roof at the level of the coupe indicators.

The owners of the new supercar offer in the complete set with the machine two variants of a removable roof: rigid carbon panels and a soft multilayered roof.

The car includes an atmospheric gasoline 6.3-liter V12 (800 HP 700 Nm), capable of spinning up to 9250 rpmĀ  and 163-strong electric motor, located in one unit with a robotic 7-speed transmission, DCT.

The dynamic is fantastic – to accelerate to 100 km / h it takes less than 3 seconds, to 200 km / h – slightly less than 7 seconds, and to 300 km / h – just 15 seconds. The maximum speed is over 350 km / h, fuel consumption in the combined mode of movement is 14.2 liters.

Suspension is completely independent with a two-link scheme in front and multi-link architecture from the rear, there are adaptive shock absorbers. Brake carbon-ceramic from the company Brembo, sports tires Pirelli P Zero 265 / 30R19 front and 345 / 30R20 rear.

The price for the car is $1, 700,000.

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