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Sport Car Images Ferrari 812 Superfast

Sport Car Images Ferrari 812 Superfast

Presented in 2012, F12 berlinetta was the successor of the 599 model. It has taken some features from 365GTB “Daytona” and, in many respects, from 250GTO and 275GTB models. An incredible vehicle with 12 valve motor, the model has spawned а lot of new editions and variants like F12TRS, F60 and SP America, Carrozzeria Touring, and latterly the F12 tdf. After 5 years of sales, F12 got its scheduled, slight redesign before the upcoming Geneva Exhibition. It will be presented as Ferrari 812 Superfast having various updates and enhancements.

Alike the Ferrari Four and Lusso GTC4, F12 berlinetta acquired a significant improvements and a rear end transformation. Roughly repositioning of more valued details, the company presented a comprehensive redesign. The model has numerous changes in its sides, redesigned interior with some features and fresh seats. Primarily, the 6.3- 12 valve motor was recreated and made this vehicle the fastest and the best deal of the offered Ferrari for the present moment.

Some time earlier, before the car appearance, the people over at Ferrari discussion stated that the vehicle will get a bigger 6.5 12 valve motor rather than a modest 6.3 one. This is a single gossip which turned out to be real. Definitely, the current variant, 6.5- motor provides 789hp and torque of 530lb-feet, which 80% can be reached at 3500 rounds per minute.

The value of Ferrari Superfast 2019 is yet unknown, but it would be safe to suppose that it will cost more, compared to an extroverted variant. Taking into account that F12 berlinetta price starts from $325 thousand on United States market, auto should be not less than $340 thousand for a standard version. Not the most inexpensive vehicle, but surely below the nominal variant of F12 tdf.

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