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2019 Citroen E-Mehari Interior Photos

2019 Citroen E-Mehari Interior Photos

Citroen really excited the car world by officially introducing the electric cross-cabriolet of the subcompact class called E-Mehari, which is created with an eye for the historical heritage of the brand, but is looking to the future. The car, which became the commodity embodiment of Cactus M, fully celebrated its premiere in March 2016  and in the same month appeared on sale in the home market.

We are here to present you characteristics of 2019 E-Mehari.

Stylistically, Citroen E-Mehari refers to the “SUV” Mehari, born in the distant 1968, and looks stylish, emotional and to some extent amusing.

In terms of dimensions, the electric car is very compact: 3, 8 m in length, 1, 6 m in height and 1, 7 m in width. Its gross mass does not exceed 1745 kg.

The interior of the vehicle has smooth shapes and uncomplicated contours: a simple three-spoke steering wheel and a minimalistic center console topped with a color display that plays the role of the instrument panel in the background. The decoration of the electric car is finished with waterproof materials, so it can be washed with the hose.

In motion, the French car is driven by a synchronous electric motor with a permanent magnet that develops 68 horsepower and 140 Nm of a torque, which directs all the traction to the front axle wheels through a single-stage automatic transmission. The power unit is powered by a lithium metal-polymer battery with a capacity of 30 kW / h.

The maximum speed of the electric car is limited at 110 km / h and acceleration to 50 km / h is in 6.4 seconds. In the city, the “driving-range” of the vehicle is 200 km and in the suburban –  100 km.

The model is also frighteningly expensive at 27,000 euros, and that’s before the 87 euros per month you have to pay to hire batteries.

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