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2019 Lincoln MKZ Model Changes V6

2019 Lincoln MKZ Model Changes V6

There is another high-quality automobile that will launch during 2019. Its name is Lincoln MKZ. The new generation is created by Max Wolfe. He is also working as one of the developers in the Cadillac company. There will definitely will be some changes in comparison with the last MKS`s version. But we also will se some classic decisions including:

  1. The using of the EcoBoost Engine.
  2. Some tire generate process.
  3. The winged grille.

What information do we have now?

We could see some images with the new model including the most important details. The base of this automobile is the same as Ford Taurus`s. The design will also use the D4. The exterior will become more modern. It can be called also competitive, elegant. We could already see the stainless bumpers. There aren’t any changes recognized inside.

But we can surely say that the company will use some decisions from the previous MKS models.

The seats will use the wildlife skin covers. There will be more room for the lower-leg. The comfort class will be pretty high, that`s for sure.

There are also several opportunities regarding the engine. We have several options for now:

  1. 7-liter V6 engine with 306 hp.
  2. 5-liters EcoBoost.
  3. 5 liter V6 engine.

There will also be some half a dozen pace intelligent transmission gearbox. But there is also chance of using nine velocity automatic transmission unit.

The new Lincoln MKZ will appear on the market in the early 2018. But we still need to wait for getting more exact information. The regular`s price for the auto will be at the level of 42 thousand dollars. The other competitors for this car will be Cadillac CTS, Mercedes Benz, Audi A6. They have almost the same characteristics. But each company will get us some unusual decisions so that we could feel amazed. The new era of high-quality automobiles has begun.

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