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2019 Opel Meriva Restyling Updates

2019 Opel Meriva Restyling Updates
  •    Opel
  •    November 11, 2017
  •    gocrazyj
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Production of compact minivan Opel Meriva started in 2003, so the car had to go through another restyling. In general, Opel Meriva has a harmonious and attractive appearance, which stands out in various details that distinguish the car from previous models. In the profile you can see a lot of interesting changes, such as: a falling roof, a broken window sill, stylish ribs on the side surfaces, relief arches of wheels and much more.

During the restyling, the car showroom of the 2019 model year received only one innovation: the multimedia complex IntelliLink of a new generation with a large display. In all other respects, it is still the same solid cabin with nice high quality finish materials that contribute to the general level of comfort. The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel has depth and height adjustments, and behind it is an informative instrument panel with a beautiful design and backlight. Also, Opel Meriva 2019 demonstrates a roomy interior with the possibilities of transformation. Front seats with pronounced lateral support are able to comfortably accept a client of any height and build.

For the updated Meriva 2nd generation we will be available the following technical characteristics: The basic version of the car is equipped with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder “atmospheric”, which generates 100 horsepower. The engine in volume of 1.4 liters with a return of 120 horsepowers.

The last unit has the same volume as the two previous motors. It is equipped with turbocharging and distributed fuel injection, due to which its capacity is 140 forces.

At the heart of the “Meriva” of the second generation is the Delta platform with McPherson struts on the front axle and a twisting beam on the rear. It is worth noting that this model has a high fuel economy.

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