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New Borgward BX5 Business Car Price

New Borgward BX5 Business Car Price

Revived in 2015, Borgward have presented several models which are going to rival popular cars on the contemporary market. For example, while having sleek outlines, the BX6 TS is quite able to compete with the luxury coupes of BMW or Mercedes. Another its benefit is a turbo l4 hybrid engine. However, this model still has a concept status.

The company are looking forward to success as they are cooperating with Chinese automaker Foton. The company founder’s grandson Christian auto is personally in charge of the business.

At the moment, car have launched in production only the BX7. This year, it is going to be released on the Chinese market. The company are also planning to sell the model in the other BRICS countries as well as in Europe.

Another vehicle project is a sport utility vehicle named the Borgward BX5. So far, we don’t have particular information about it. On the European market, the car is expected to be available in 2018. As for the United States, its appearance in the American dealerships is doubtful as machine think it will be unprofitable to export their cars across the ocean.

All the same, we have learned a little bit about the BX5’s specification. Supposedly, it will be built on the BAIC Senova X55 architecture with length of 176 inches and equipped with a hybrid assembly totally generating 190 horsepower as well as 280 Nm of torque. This four cylinder engine has displacement of 1,8 liters and includes direct injection system as well as variable valve control. The powertrain will be complemented with a six-speed discclutch automatic gearbox, the same as the BX7’s. This will provide the crossover with an AWD system. The specs also include the McPherson suspension. With such an equipment, the car will able to show the 0-60 rate of 9 seconds as well as top speed of 120 miles per hour.

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