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New Nissan Murano Restyling Changes

New Nissan Murano Restyling Changes

The new Nissan Murano is a model created for the American market. Despite the bright appearance, the car of Nissan Murano is difficult to call revolutionary from the point of view of technology. It is modern, well-equipped, but no more.

External accents of the car are set by graceful smoothness of lines of body contours, stylish back lanterns with light-emitting diodes. In the static position, the wide lateral planes and the correct arrangement of geometric accents only slightly hint at the sporting nature of the model.

The engine here is also new on one side, but on the other hand it is built on the basis of the old engine. This is done in order to meet the tax rules and reduce the capacity to 249 liters. The transmission here is absolutely new, variator, which has nothing in common with the previous model. As a result of restyling, we have a balanced car.

On the one hand, he has an excellent smooth ride, this is a very comfortable car, you can go to long distances on it, the car seems to lull passengers. On the other hand, it perfectly swallows all road irregularities, lying policemen, potholes, anything. In fact, this is a remarkably balanced car.

The characteristic forms of the central console, the characteristic shape of the air deflectors, the interior is made quite neat, the materials are all soft, well-chosen. With the help of electric drives, almost everything is adjusted here, and the seat, and the steering column, and in a large range. All these settings, including the settings of the multimedia system, the display settings of the on-board computer are all remembered.

Packages and prices are already known. The cost of the Japanese novelty in the database is 35 thousand dollars. The cost of Nissan Murano in the richest version will cost 40 thousand dollars.

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