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Opel 2019 Adam Release Data US Market

Opel 2019 Adam Release Data US Market
  •    Opel
  •    November 13, 2017
  •    gocrazyj
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Opel Adam 2019 is suspected to be really cool and stylish design that is certainly very experienced. In short, this baby is going to be very exciting. Car may include an awesome color blend from the leading cities of trendy as well.

It is not a peace of cake to feel that you will detect a further with equivalent styling when you see this car. The normal swing roof allows quick access to the sky and sun. It is electrically operated via a button located in the front area of the driver and takes only five seconds to fold back.

This car has different bodywork raised by an additional 15 millimeters and stiffer suspension, large 17-inch wheels and a plastic defense panels on the body. What about more robust shock absorbers and springs? No problems, they are there as well.

This car is a small hatchback which contains four passenger sport seats. Also, you can choose the color which plays the main role in the sporty interior and it gives the optional leather pack with seat and steering wheel heating a special touch. Advance Park Assist will help you with parking in the city.

Even if you are a dynamic driver it is not necessary for you to deprive communication and updating while sitting in this baby. Infotainment IntelliLink of Opel brought the world of smartphones, works with Android and Apple iOS, connected with a 7-inch touch screen display and thanks them for this. For safety, this car features airbags, blind spot alerts and bolstered seatbelts.

Few words about technical charasteristics: 1,4-liter turbocharged with a single drive-train, gasoline engine which comes with 150 hp and 162 lb of torque plus a 6 speed manual gearbox and channels power to the front wheels only. Acceleration rate from 0 to 100 km/h takes less than 10 seconds.

Still, there is no any release date or price information.

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