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Review Exterior and Specs New McLaren 650

Review Exterior and Specs New McLaren 650

We had several cars to make our test. And to compare the characteristics we have. The latest 650 model is more than just a renewed version of the other cars.

The manufacturer claims that more than a quarter of the car will be new. The fundamentals remain the same. They include:

  1. Carbonfibre tub.
  2. A twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8.

But the newest version is faster. And has much better experience, comfort for the driver.

The new car is the result of lessons which were gained while making P1 and 12C cars.

The model also got its own family`s tree. But each version has its own functions, and possibilities. Each can be used in the different situations. Even after the production of some models stopped, some models have their influence after 20 and more years. McLaren 650 family is not an exception.

There will be two version of new car – Sport and usual. The company also said that the 12C would be discontinued after the new release.

In reality, auto 12C was the direct predecessor. But this also provokes many different questions. Were they going to make 12C from the very start? Is this car really so great? Or does it have some flaws which made the company say about such decisions? We must find out.

The debut was expected to take place at the Geneva Auto Show. But we still are waiting for more delayed release of this car. We can expect no less, than a few-months delay. We could also say about the starting price. It will be no lower than 350 thousand dollars. But there is almost no other information on this question.

The vehicle engineers are always looking for new materials and new decisions which could make their cars really better. That`s why this company stay on the market, even considering small amount of produced vehicles. Every one of them iv worth every dollar spent. New machine will not be an exception, that`s for sure.

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