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Sedan Release Data in USA Honda Accord 2019

Sedan Release Data in USA Honda Accord 2019

New car should bring a lot of improvements in its interior and exterior with its styling that is going to increase sales. Main developments will be a new platform and turbo motor. Honda claims that this version is going to be the most elegant auto ever created. The crossovers may lead the sales, but a 4-door taxi at reasonable price, with a framework and power that does not back down on the first sign of energetic driving, remains a main objective in car business.

All 2019 Honda Accord are equipped with bi-directional chassis adjustment technology. Car owners can control the vehicle’s feedback by standard sports settings, which will affect elements like dual-variable steering power, transmission shift, throttle response and dampers. 2019 touring edition will have adaptive dampers which will operate every 1/500 sec.

New Honda comes with 2 engine variants. The first one is four-valve 1.5 turbo, also equipped on Civic variations. This motor will be a basic one developing 200HP. It is going to have automatic or regular 6-gear manual transmission. When the improved variant gets officially confirmed, the company will change its 3.5 V6 engine for a 2.0 turbo one, developing approximately 250-260hp. Honda also claims that the redesigned version will get better speeding and reduced fuel consumption than the present one.

Another variant is a FWD, new ten-gear automatic transmission vehicle. The 6-gear manual is also planned. The company will produce its turbo motors and CVT transmission in Ohio, while the automatic one is going to be manufactured at a new plant in Georgia. Good news is that the hybrid version is also expected, having the same 212hp 2.0 4 valve motor and electric engine introduced in 2019.

Next generation vehicle is going to be presented on 14th of July, and it will get available for US market in September. The vehicle will be released at the beginning of 2019 for Japan and India. The prices should begin from $22 thousand or more, depending on its configuration. Hybrid variant is expected to cost more, about $39-40 thousand. Mazda 6, Chevrolet Malibu and Kia Optima are considered to be the main competitors for this model.

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