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SUV Series Volvo XC70 2019

SUV Series Volvo XC70 2019

Volvo remains a special and recognizable car. Since the all-wheel-drive lifted station wagon based on the model car appeared on sale, 16 years have passed. The next update was not a surprise for anybody. The car is ideal for a large family, appreciates comfort and safety, and the lack of sports character and dynamics will not be perceived as a disaster.

Specifications of the new Volvo XC70 2019 model year:

-petrol T6 with a power of 304 with a turbine;

-two five-cylinder engines in volume 2 and 2.4 liters with a power of 163 force;

-215-strong turbodiesel in volume of 2,4 l with the moment of 440 Nanometers.

With the technical characteristics of the car everything is clear, after the last restyling about the model auto, you can say – this is a premium.

The whole interior is very expensive and solid. In the cabin is very spacious, which also speaks of the class of the car. The front passenger, along with the driver, can adjust the armchair for himself with a few button presses. The four-spoke steering wheel looks stylish, it’s multifunctional, the buttons on the handlebar have changed their architecture. The attractive instrument panel is informative, the central console is decorated with a color display. In the minimal equipment of the body of the new car there are: ABS, 6 airbags, air conditioning, climate control, multimedia system, power steering and heated seats. In the trunk there are several small compartments for the transportation of a less-dimensional cargo, and more expensive complete sets received an electric trunk lid drive.

Also, the basic equipment includes City Safety, which reads traffic signs, estimates the distance to obstacles and has rear parking sensors. 39 thousand dollars – this is the price of your new car.


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